whereupon, then, under certain circumstances, larger concretions
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occurring in a battalion were 10 cases in 3| or 4 months. Other
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to the presence of a specific bacillus, (2) that the habitat of this organism
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ing this army of over fifty thousand blind was esti-
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correct, but there are other climates, at least one other
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which take place in the nature or form of the elements of our tissues."
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become more intimate and involve delicate questions of
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and, in violent cases, three or four times in the twenty-four hours, so as
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Four of the stomach ulcers were acute perforations,
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out as the author states, the test woiild well deserve liis
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committees are not acting in conformity with MSNJ policy if
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lation of the pulse, evidently pointed to syncope; and, as the latter can-
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into the body; and we must admit the existence of a dys-
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Laboratoire. Univ. de Liege, Tome I, 1886 and 1886.
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not produce a sufficiently strong suggestion to cause them to
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which, he thinks, does not always drain. A good sized rubber tube
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have mentioned enough to enable those ivho make usa
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W. H. FAIRFIELD, B. S., - Wyoming University Experiment Farm
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• Pain, collapse, vomiting, and peritonitis are nearly always present,
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Disability need not be incurred in line of duty — benefits from
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sium hydrate until alkaline. Add excess of distilled water,
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We have shown in a previous paper that anions accelerate and
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blood being equally unfit for nutrition and the mainte-
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At a recent meeting of the House of Delegates of the Association an
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sennae camph. ad effect, limonade. 16th. Rep. cucurbit, et mitt.
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for some short time after an apparent cure has been effected.
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which they had been apparently completely cured, have not been re-
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the existence of the trouble, excepting barrenness. Every organ of
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evening of the second day no symptoms of paralysis had developed in
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reputation in the management of diabetes, /. 6-., opium.
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through the walls of the uterus^ and were discharged into
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