the rest thus»^nt'orced reduced the sum total of the heart's pump-
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hundred and eighty pounds. For twelve years, he had
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w r atery way over your dish, or look a milky white, in-
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Hodgkin's Disease. A case of Hodgkin's disease, Williams, H.,
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entom. Ztschr., Berl. (1900), 3. Heft, 2. Halfte, Nov., pp. 983-985. [W a ]
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excess, consequently breakages (fractures) are more
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Dorsal view of first nymph (protonymph) of Dermanyssus
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of the hand flat upon a table he could not raise it; by turning it
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his sleep to be very imperfect. In these circumstances I
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of pseudo-sclerosis, both in regard to the clinical manifestations and the
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answered differently by different surgeons. The writer can only here offer
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hereditary, but not infectious. We find it runs in certain families; Moon
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initial lesion and neighboring gland; and then killed all
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tending; one of the greatest of all human calamities."
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rphans, which he also desires should be erected. Such is the regal
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the accident the man had been in constant pain and the eye was red and
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infective agent of tick fever of the Congo Free State, and that they
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with, and are directed towards the sides of the pha-
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for intraoperative observation of vascular congestion that jl
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the subject in his paper read before the Centennial gath-
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routine of drudgery, but it is a significant fact that
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(yet this was said before his time), "What drugs fail to cure,
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September 14. — Over the lower right lobes there are fine crepitations
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second number, (vol. 3,) of the Botanic Advertiser,
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found in the him used in early cinema and photography, as well
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administered freely so long as vomiting continues. The alkali which is
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be resisted initially. Then comes the defeatist concession of
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tracted and the life of the child sacrificed by ergot. I dare say the
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or delirium. In infants, violent convulsions occur, which
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name, are varied in nature. But they all fulfil the requirements