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would be too late for either of them. But more than that, I

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sedentary habits, taking very little exercise, and not fond of out-door

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in action, others have a disagreeable odor which they communicate

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plexing us? Would it not reduce infant mortality? Would it not give

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md in 1903 he was president of the Association of American

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mingham in 1894. This case died 4I/2 hours after a fall on the head

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night also. Infrequent attacks during the night, in those who sleep

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is greater after the clamp; it is generally attended by the

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year, and that at the end of the fifth year, 46-6 per cent,

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pathetic spasm of those muscles." It is true, as he remarks, that it is

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being most easily felt by placing the hand flat on the chest and directing

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We think that urban practitioners should hardly be in-

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or in the puerperium, the diagnosis is almost certain. If the tubes

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the disease ; and who knows enough of the physiology of pain and the relations

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dition of horses; they should be marched a few miles when cold weather,