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lingual, or pharyngeal tonsils are found very widely in mammals
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ment of Misaouri, and will report to Colonel William Hoflbnan, Com-
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trades unions acquiesced in the objects of the Congress.
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strong solution of permanganate of potash, (half a drachm
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A shingle sawyer of twenty-eight, robust and muscular, fell against
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effectual in controlling the haemorrhage; and in the
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tion of the electromotive force of batteries and dynamos,
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have already, in part, endeavored to show in regard to
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the animal in the first one, and the third by the first and second, and
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be accepted as satisfactory evidence of renal injury.
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November 14TH, 1893.— W. K. Otis, M.D. Paper: "Ano-
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long the immunity, and in a badly infected locality the injection
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trials, which were continued without interruption until the end of December,
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be called, somewhat loosely, "psychical sensations." That which pre-
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in the dark and not suspect anything wrong, as the eye naturally dilates
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is absorbed and carried away altogether by the venous blood; the blood,
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for legitimate medical purposes. The responsibility for
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intermittent and frequent ; and then flutterings or palpitations are
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I have seen a large crowd of men sitting or lying about outside
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7. Bowels. As a rule they do not move after perforation but this is not
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September greatly improved, she could walk easily and only
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depend on special circumstances — whether the operations have
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which precede the occurrence of a fit, and finally determining the
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and twenty in hospital, a low number in itself — low when
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The mesenteric veins are very injected. Some fibrous adhesions