So far as I am aware, no careful autopsy has yet been made in a c:ic:;
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'61082 Dermatology. Selected monographs on dermatology.
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manifestations tend to spontaneously subside, though the micro-
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Kome, tells me that there are at present five, military bath stations
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upon his abdomen with the foot projecting over a firm
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the pathological results of their operation. In the cases now in
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generous terms to the excellence of his surgical work, to his self-
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ever, which would justify laparotomy for haemorrhage in wounds of the
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Under the use of these she grew better, but at the end
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upon tlie examination of cases admitted to the diphtheria wards of hospitals,
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Lastly, in some obstinate cases of constipation, as previously referred to,
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2d, of that Journal, gives the following interesting account
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were 85 women to every 100 men ; in the Kiel polyclinic (200 cases) the proportion
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which lie beneath the tongue; two similar glands are to
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apparatus. The alcohol extracts were concentrated nearly to dryness, taken up
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phenomenon of respiration, and defined what was the
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on the spot until the battalion had withdrawn, and was the last to leave the position. Ho set a
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It is indeed strange that dengue should have assumed so
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some." Needless to say, the President of the Obstetrical Society
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times quarter of an hour, sometimes an hour ; but always she
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covered with thin underwear, which was then impregnated with melted
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and do all that can be done to relieve the sufferers. Blessed be
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Record D was taken during further acceleration of the heart induced
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