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the different classes cannot always be sharply defined.

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so justly respected as Mr. Gray had not so frequently followed the precedent.

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increase the disease. I have seen so many bad effects

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The book is a useful one and reflects its author's manifest enthusiasm for

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Mass. Eclectic Medical Journal, No. 31 Cornhill, Boston.

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The case was diagnosed as one of gall stones with subacute in-

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eye was giving her no trouble ; it was simply blind, and did not occupy

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I think the rapid termination of the case is partly

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possessor, entailing social ostracism, destroying the domestic life of

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History of Acute Diseases," wherein he laid down the general idea

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small (Ewald and Rosenheim) lateral openings. The presence of the lateral

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recovered after the dropsy had existed for a year or more, but

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increasing, until the breathing has become permanently laborious

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tions will be forwarded to the Supreme Court for their

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fever. In this case the woman has simply scarlatina, not metria ;

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of its contents. The history of the successive changes which have

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in the frequency of the pulse is an unfavorable indication, even