being taken into the lungs. Fine nerves, constituting the
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Dr. A. Brunniche, Physician to the Children's Hospital of Copenhagen.
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A medical student I knew, in spite of the most earnest
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institution, the seizures, wmich returned, being as violent and frequent as
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•• We find, on the contrary, that the stomach, which
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called Virgin Scammony, he separated 11^ pounds of dirt from
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stool was still dysenteric and contained numerous active Endamoeba dysenterica.
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present time (August, 1888), there have been no re-
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must not be overlooked, and if existing should be dealt with
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come when its contained fluid will open a passage for itself through
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cnlar, and a serous coat. Tlie serous coat only partly invests it,
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processes occurring in other organs. Indeed so common are they
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In view of the fatality which follows the appearance of
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To return the names of delinquent members of the Society.
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apparent effort to ascertain the origin of the statements given. Thus we
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removed a week previously. The ovaries were somewhat en-
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two h^emic conditions more analogous, though coming from different causes.
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to have been stopped and altered in shape by the occipital bone, which, how-
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Incubation Period. — As a result of observations in Salonica
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the wound, until it comes to bear efiectually upon the sep-
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was done on the second day after birth. The incision was made in the
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Gregorian physic, was to be attacked vigorously by free blood-letting, the cold
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nightclothes, etc. Even the water which has been used in bathing
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with weak breath-sounds and occasional large moist rales. Beyond this
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creatures; here I am ready for my vocation and now I turn unto my calling.
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that it will refuse water, furnishing nutrition without the labor of digestion,
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extremities.' Figs. 13-14. — Lateral and end views of fresh sporoc'ysts, showing completely
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impression upon many of these cases. As childhood ad-
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suggestions concerning " Surgical Dressings," particularly as adapted to
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to different degrees of gravity were altered. In very early times,
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six months from the issue date. Claims received after the six month
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During the sec&nd quarter^ the ag^egate mortality was 50, Baton
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McRae, Dr. A. E., on the physiological action of chloral 113
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of numerous diseases from which animals are exempt.
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years I have extended its employment to other complaints of the skin, in-
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This subject will be divided under three heads, viz., the
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