Medical Societies . — An early evidence of the changing attitude of physicians

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them into bread crumbs, with which you have mixed some

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In 1896 I read a paper before this society upon malaria as

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any stage of the disease. It is interesting to note that in many of the patients

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examined are Sutter Creek, 174; Oroville, 132; Felton, 113;

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cardiac pressure ; rice is said to be ill borne, and probably for this reason.

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affairs. They, therefore, undertook to divorce the practice of

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impinging, and its results were mitigated only by the new method of

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Physicians who have watched the progress of the evolution of

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enza last year, and it is sincerely hoped this affection may not

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The normal value of the constant is from 0.06 to 0.09. With a

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Unto men destitute of intelligence, the entire world occupies

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rantem curet et medicamentum aut potionem dederit^ fi-

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