4th. Its Easy Application to any part of the body, not being necessary
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hot weather and rains. It was also in the cold season that the disease
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of subordinate restoratives and drugs, the practitioner must in a
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Dr. J. C. Culbertson, for the past two years editor of the "Jour-
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One grain of muriate of morphia, with a drachm of sesquicarbonate,
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excellence. He details quite a number of cases in which this
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nience results during the first three months, a recumbent position dur-
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through those vessels ; yet he must have thought that
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ounces ; water 1 quart. Boil a while, take 1 pint every
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former, eventually stopping it altogether, and we must limit his
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excretion in herbivora 50 per cent may appear as glycocoll under cer-
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in his declarations that the figure of the earth is
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phragm descends and crowds the viscera against the vena cava, with
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which are £rom twelve to fifteen-thouaandths of a millimetre lon^ and generally fumiahea
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cannot be precisely ascertained, and the patient is often not aware
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Page, Charles, Colonel and Assistant Surgeon-General, Med-
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theria and croup 122, measles 25, typhoid fever 25, scarlet fever ,
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anyone, from the dietitian to the general practitioner, who
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relied on as an infallible agent in tetanus. The amount of
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as the case may be, in consequence of an overburdened stomach.
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other horse. Nature seems to have intended him espec-
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the worst soil conceivable for any peccant matter to alight upon.
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vic roof There was a mnco-purulent discharge from the os uteri and
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The only dilRculty in the operation of removing the scrotum by
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. , While these, and many other things are brought where
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tliem are tlie result of tlic cocaine, and how many of the
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