— and if the dose be not repeated, its influence will continue only

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and full ; skin moist and cool ; no more coating on tongue

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was delivered of adherent foetuses by Dr. Joseph A. Eve, 19th

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would consider himself and his injured friend avenged of all wrongs.

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diseases, with respect to excitement and depression, their influence

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&c, would run rapidly into a state of permanent depression and

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us was prolapsed, and its anterior lip much enlarged and

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If the hapless victim be so strong, however, that it can hold

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physician may expend the full force of his remedy on the pa-

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hence such practice must of necessity multiply the victims of Croup. And this

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the cough it induces. In order to obviate this difficulty, M. Ba*-

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from one inch in front of the left tragus, to half-way

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Delirium Tremens is the typical result. Nothing is more

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the practical ? The great utility of clinical instruction consists chiefly

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is advisable to stop treatment for two or three weeks.

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To the teacher, other inducements will readily present themselves. It

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