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64. Cairns JA, Gent M, Singer J. et al: Aspirin, sulfinpyrazone, or both in

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with a Prefatory Treatise upon the Nervous .System in

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Radiologist, Hospital for Special Surgery. Attending

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phrenic, accepting the theory that the disease is of mycotic origin. As

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of Foreign Military HoqOUla. Br CHARLES A. LEE, M.D.

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4. The continuation of an advocacy for the prevention of the per-

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this t'isease may be, and not infrequently is, conveyed to the

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John S. Manion, Henry Miner, Alton Moulton, Joseph F. Percy, Eustis Singleton,

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and whose " Eeligio Medici " is the best known of all his works.

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Tarn, Kenneth C. Clinical Instructor in Medicine. Assistant

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