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with pepper and savory herbs.'' These articles were prescribed by him
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Two days later, after a convulsion, it was found to be strong
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dogma" is the most suitable and proper law to treat
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behavior of the sera toward the corpuscles derived from various
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WM^ WOOD &. CO., 43, 45, & 47 East Tenth Street
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the year 1864 he had operated in this way upon fifty-four
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found lying in bed with extreme contraction of the thigh
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Bepr. from : Tr. Vermont M. Soo. 1878, St. Albans, 1879.
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oily matter may be found either in concrete masses or as a scum of liquid
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it is properly recommended by more recent writers that such substances delaying
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der, rod-shaped forms, 2 to 4 p. in length and one-half to one-third as
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The following table shows the average cost of hogs for the seasons
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ternal secretion can be ascribed. It is probably different,
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never experienced such pains before as those immediately
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and at six month to one year intervals thereafter. The panel
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action when an extensive operation is undertaken on those
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Vegetable purgatives appear more suitable than mineral ones,
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and thinks that Rademacher' s formula is an excellent one."
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According to Bull's and Dennis's recent statistics the radical
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these affections ; that profuse hemoptysis seems to be not uncommon ;
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ture at my command, to descriptions of seventy-eight cases, and
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The idea of puncturing the pericardium dates probably from a