time becomes distinctly slower. The heart in all these cases was
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chetes, failed to produce the infection in guinea pigs. Since the urines
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tion of the resonant cavities control the pitch and quality,
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had early in pregnancy ; slight shortness of breath ; some unaccustomed
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a feeling of being miserable, and loss of appetite. Six weeks ago she
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•342 Humboldt, Wilh. von. Sphere and duties of govern-
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incise the furuncle. I would do it as follows : intro-
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Autopsies will be made on all patients that die at the
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2d. The employment, in our apparatus No. 1, of a metal Screw Cap, fitting the neck of the
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DYER. " The Linguatumina." By F. W. Dyer. London. 1889.
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reverse of our experience, and we have known the mirror to succeed
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diseases, whom he proposes to take into his family, where they
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symptoms of the dropping of mucus into the pharynx. In these
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pected, new methods arose, with the hope of supplanting this one, or
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right ventricle, their resonance is to be heard more distinctly at the
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prednisone. Despite these medications and the absence of
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of guinea pigs also, constitutes a type of infection in which tissue
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menter stood silently in the back of the room, out of sight of
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hydrobromic acid, and applied the primary galvanic current to
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the abnormal position until corrected. The frequency
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progresses from the simplest plants to the more specialized
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tion, over-strain, some unnatural drain upon the system,
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of making a daily quantitative analysis of the urine of a patient
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