greater curve than the posterior part of the patella with its tendon
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symptoms, but the lungs were found absolutely healthy. The blood was defi-
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chloroform and ether, after the mucus has been removed, a satis-
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upon which most reliance has been placed. Mauriceau, believ-
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foetus, 3 pints of fluid. In spite of the character of this fluid, the
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coughing. It is sometimes difficult to do so, but coughing tends to
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fluids. Death and life are cold and heat. These form
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catheter had been passed. The instrument was used two or
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Sologne, Bourbon, and Bresse, as well as in other permanent centres
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turned over. The staining was probably the remains of hypo-
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where disease has been the occasion of operative interference.
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the conservative writer has been equally zealous in his efforts
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always, indicates a severe attack of pneumonia. Characteristic of it is the
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this center, not only influences affecting the stomach contractions, but
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do not. I might say further : the majority of the medical profession
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of the Ontario Medical Association would be held in Toronto on May
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during the convention, 191 new names were recommended for
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nothing of it, and he fell to groaning and lamenting his
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find it, but when found, it can not be said, 'it is no great shakes,' for
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There are several cases on record in which there was a history of
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skin, with slight oedema of the whole of the injured part. The effused blood is as
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questions, that the lawyer wanted "yes "or "no" ; but it
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bladder is not a consequence of peritonitis, but of intoxication
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his observations lead him to believe that in about 60 per cent, of the
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12, 1891. He had lived in Baltimore many years, and, with the exception of
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suggestion that their relative hcemolytic properties might
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Medical Association. Experiments conducted in Mexico
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chelder, D. H. ; Bently, J. N. ; Blaisdell, A. F. ; Bowen, W. S. ;