have a pinkish tint, which usually requires about ten seconds.

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The session will be called to order at 2 o'clock p. m., in the

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Since September 1952 when the North Carolina Memorial Hospital

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the Anagallis arveiisis, or Chickweed, the subject of a thesis read before

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Charles K. Mills, John B. Eoberts ; Treasurer, Wil-

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proves to the mind of the writer the futility of drugs. The disease is a self-

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headache, backache, and many of the other initial symptoms ; and the

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The chapter on Moral Management is full of sagacious remarks which show

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general intoxication is known as Anthraceemia. In France the term

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primary treatment of all gunshot wounds, declaring it to be pre-

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associated with destructive and ulcerative lesions of skin or mucous mem-

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|^= Pistons of old style Sycioees replaced with oni oew HOLLOW Piston and

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when the movements of the tongue are only relatively slightly impaired.

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ing rate was 0.18 ± 0.11 per second with a range of 0.05 to 0.61. The presence of an S 3 was associated with a

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took medicine. He was admitted to the Meath Hospital, and was

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the bone edge soon showed smalli areas of necrosis. On March 30,

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The publication of the proceedings has been delayed by waiting

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it requires the services of an experienced surgeon, who will, prob-

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the grain, by our method of malting. Its great excess of Nutritive value over that of.

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By inspiration part of the air, in the interior of the

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Prince, M. D. Office at Charity Bureau, Chardon Street; hours

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Leaving the speculative opinion as to the fons d origo mali,

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(b) The scrutiny of the mortality reports, to ascertain if

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where patients exjierienced excitation of the sense

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emitted offensive gas, on deep inspiration offensive

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by way of poultice to the parts, confining them on,

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on, with two recoveries. In one case, the attempt to