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cium depend? 8. What remedy do you suggest to be used in diabetic

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simply because these men were never real students ; while on

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to swelling, from distension of the loose cellular substance which

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but do not always coincide in point of time with pneumonia.

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Sunderland, Paul Ulysses N. Y. Horn. Med., '94 Danbury.

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not only exist, but cancroid pearls are frequently found.

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would benefit the bronchial asthmas, and this belief has been con-

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the face flushes, and often his vision becomes hazy

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1886, and for the 7th and 8th Cavalry in 1887. In this

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classified. The locally infected joints are largely of the tubercular

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pregnant women examined. Others have failed to find pyogenic bacteria,

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The third volume, (Eingeweid-lehre,) contains a description of the organs

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thority — Decrees of Council disregarded except in Britain —

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alkalies and acids to form neutral salts, and which is of special interest

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has been given or when the labor has been instrumental.

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lesions then ceased, the edema in the scrotum subsided, and the chancres them-

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others believe, a more general introduction of the method may

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cardiac pressure ; rice is said to be ill borne, and probably for this reason.

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stomach, it is more liable than any other portion of the human ma-

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toses. papillomata. verruca, certain nevi, and numerous skin dis

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longed holding of the breath does have this effect, though the movements

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The health of the people then must be one of our ideals for the

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from the spinal cord into the great prevertebral plex-

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clothes, washable pieces of clothing, etc., are to be boiled or placed in carbolic

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was used for sores, and is so used to-day." Olive oil was

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it did seem as if they would do better if they moved.

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effects attended its use. The production of copious and prolonged

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stomach-pump was used at a quarter past eight P. M. By this means

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sity College Hospital. By J. Russell Reynolds, M.D., F.R.S.,

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made from the milk of his own cows, which were suffering at the time

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Mr. Savory said the urinary organs were very delicate tests

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always made to make sure no hemolysis took place and the presence

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who has not confessed to me that at some time or other in life he had

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corded at the five Experiment Farms, and many volunteer