inserting in lieu thereof the following : "two for four years and

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After cerebral apoplexy^ and even after this has induced

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I). C, and dotaileil hk medical piirv(;yf>r of the HcTTice at New

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case with a palpable tumor, with local oedema, the fever,

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clinical features of these conditions ; under the recognition of the occur-

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of the chest; also a short, dry, weak, almost inaudible

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this case takes its place with other cases of purulent infection, I now

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insufficient for evaluation of the cardiac silhouette. The

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came out very clearly. A full report of this remarkable case, well

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legal record of Births, Marriages and Deaths had been kept.

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have fallen into the error he was so ready to publish. It is erroneous

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of comfortable walking depends upon the absence of cicatricial material after

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paragraphs, each of which refers to a definite marking.

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less inclined to congregate together and to coalesce into

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the rectum. Liquid above the obstruction may be drawn off

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"faithful are the wounds of a friend," takes umbrage at this,

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The occurrence of bacillary dysentery in the armies of Europe, the

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One of the most celebrated of the ancient Greek physicians,

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material free from ordinary bacteria was passed with typical effects

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said on both sides, and certainly much has been said. Of the myogenic

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I hardly know how to describe unless I explain by saying that the vagi-

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In the treatment, gentlemen, we must be governed in our use

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a quantity of milk sufficient to satisfy this instinct, and go to

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ing and give them a release into the better world. This, then, is my plan.

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ter runs out ; the pustules become dry and fall in cruets,

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and cold or hot compresses to the afflicted part. In case of hot flashes

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through the joint. The operation caused immediate relief

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occasionally has any blood been found in the urine.

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your fracture, as you see that I have done in this ca«e.

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regurgitation through the mitral valve, may be the etiological factor in

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perance, and Avorking in a badly ventilated factory, are circumstances