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colony system of the Utica State Hospital, aud stated

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chauffeur would stop the car, grab the pup by its front legs, and shake it \'igorously. The dog

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2. Pearson, C. H. J.: Effect of operative procedures on the

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upon certain nerves or a class of nerves. Perhaps Iron, Phos-

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with the care and cure of the insane. It is commonly known as " Bedlam,"

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in the temperature, there is a decrease in the pulse rate, and

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which event every movement of it would only carry the poison

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public opinion to the contrary, an opposite stand was adopted by one

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COCAINE COMPOUND a?Cl!S;?„r„'f^T^?|!S. S?.5f,?.',"^.S

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gone a step farther, and would reserve the name " maladie des tics con-

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high-coloured urine, sharp pain under the scapula, sallowness of the

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very rare in children ; and in its progress and symptoms it cor-

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The International Encyclopaedia of Surgery. A Systematic Treatise

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of acts derogatory to the profession or which appeared likely

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fallen on her lower extremities while they were very much abducted;

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instances, to determine the presence or absence of disease by a naked-

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1-2 oz. This proves a beautiful looking liniment, and I do

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attempt at black-mail did not meet with much success ; very

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columnar epithelium; the urethra with its Skene's tubules and the

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other men's ideas will not maintain for us the place that we have con-

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when Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote the essay which has

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communicate with the circulatory channels, then the gas produced and with

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must correct our scientific conceptions by the more homely

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Ertznee, was one of the first surgical books ever printed, being indeed

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Then the patient enters. The scene that follows is homely

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presence of a good deal of clot in the sac, in such a case there would be a lair

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livered up in the capillaries so as to supply the tissues with their require-

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(c) Action of free organic acids on starch digestion

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endive, then purge \eith this potion :— Take rinds of miraboi-

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media of plastic surgery. Instrumental Enrichment, and a full

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suggest those chronic lesions which spring up from condi-

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Missouri. — S. Pollak, E. S. Fraser, Jno. S. Moore, C. A.

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