dose of the tincture of phosphorus given by myself in one in-
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discussion of a very serious subject, one by keeping such ideals before the profes-
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his disease at an end. Being a native of Savannah, and prettv
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will be seen, by reference to this case, that the counsel for Coyle
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the limb. As, for example, in the cases of except in skull fractures.
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Macon county, was admitted on the 4th of April, aet. 25 ; stout, well
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unusually strong tendency to communicate itself to the neigh-
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has evidently referred to the researches of Schulinus, and of
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crust. The ulcers may increase in area or in depth and may
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needed, in phthisis and allied diseases, to remove effete matter
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§ 24. Etiology. Strangles is supposed to be caused by
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discharged from asylums for negligence and ill-treatment of
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to diseases of depression, by inducing a state of debility throughout
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the Registration committee was "requested to take into consider-
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As regards by-effects, slight nausea and ^^jj j^^ ^_
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received their accepted titles of stimulant, sedative, cholagogue,
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struation in the Human Female, and by Pregnancy in the Cow; and also
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disinfectants and it has a low thermal death point. Its spores,
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two types there are many varieties. The leucocytes containing
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The Diseases of the Heart and of the Aorta. By Wm. Btokxs, Regius
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ages, I have come to regard it, after a larger microbic affections." Others, adhering to
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attended with marked irritation or phlogosis during life. Indeed
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for a year. Susceptible northern cattle were transported to and placed
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ing consistenc}'. Cases have been reported, however, where
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cous coat of the stomach was of a dark red or mahogany color,
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acted freely, but they had neither produced sleep nor tranquillity
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EDWARD C. REGISTER, M. D., Editor. Dr. Lucian F. Salmon, in a paper, "The
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throughout the disease, but the cause is not worded phrases of description could hope
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Gout, or so-called Rheumatic Complications, really dependent upon interrupted elimination ; and
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other countries, and whosoever may desire to see it tried again
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subside, whilst the patients are not debilitated by the purgation.
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case of septicaemia a bacteriological examination will reveal
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the influx of nitrogen be constant. The conclusion of the
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ted with cod-liver oil or other means, the wine does exert a salu-
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was fatal. A number of tables deal exhaustively with many
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Bacterium anthracis. In the ver}- acute cases these changes
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tell much about their ancestors, thus are we feel that the trouble at hand, some business
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and presenting them in the best and most convenient form. The
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And 4th, " The licentiates of the Botanico-Medical Board — the
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this drug possesses a very remarkable power over ague, and
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insufficiently opened to admit of labour being terminated. A sponge tent,