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J. Milhau and Messrs. Craig and Foster, having made
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in the .Syuij)tomatoIo;,'y, Pathology and Treatment of
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Dermatitis Traumatica, etc. — A. Whitfield, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician, Skin Depart-
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A 5. Ciri-hosis of the liver during the hypertrophic stage may
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tities, repeated at intervals of perhaps ten or fifteen min-
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many adolescents, partly insane, partly hysterical, and all most
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the most expensive ; it affords 578 cubic feet per head.
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James, C. H. (1899). " Report on the Outbreak of Plapie in the Jullundur
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Above: Jordan and Nathan are just being Jordan and Nathan at a home
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Sun. 16.75 hrs. $125-$450. Contact: LARS, MWRC, POBox9l215, Los
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cal region, and at both this level and in the upper dor-
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attempt at coitus she sustained a deep laceration of the left labium majus,
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Everything with which hands or bedding come in contact must be
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tinuity to the retro-peritoneal glands, more rarely to the liver,