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claimed by authors. Persons affected with emphysema do not,

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Since the happy result which so signally followed the above

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eration produces a typical lesion from which it is pos-

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the presidency of Arthur R. Elliott, of Chicago. Announcement has just

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cera, it will be infenfibly difiblved by foft diluents,

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the sixteenth year is generally an evidence of weakness, or of some de-

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(Philadelphia Medical and Surgical -Reporter, February 1.)

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long time is a certain confusion of the intellectual faculties, which

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mild weakness in the right upper extremity. There was

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The hydrochlorothiazide component can be expected to cause diuresis Lethargy ol v;

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ditions, the growth of staphylococci is not hindered, but the virulence of the

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concentration of the enzyme is changing during the course of the re-

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only "Peter Wood," derision succeeded to admiration

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for love's sake, the foundation will be laid for fulfilling the supreme

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" an habitual drunkard " ? There are also numerous occasions

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ciently treated. It is not with a treatment of some

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to arise from the disorganisation now mentioned, by which the con-

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chyle may sometimes continue to run, perfectly pure and unmixed with

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then add as many eggs as will bind the mixture into a stiff

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the building is by no means designed for the exclusive benefit of Fellows

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commenced his valuable collection of pathological and comparative anatomy,

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micro-organism from the air, which reaching the secretion of open wounds,

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der to remove the placenta after the foetus is expelled. J Still, it

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<Bull. Soc. anat. dePar., v. 75, 6. s., v. 2, juillet, pp.'713-715. [W m .]

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Dr. C. Joynt, F.R.C.P.I., returns the rainfall at 21 Leeson

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and every contribution to its solution is welcome. Dr. Stille says,

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itself on account of the close relation it sustains to the use of the drug

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able, without harm, to trespass upon the holy ground of the peri-

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districts in resolving the tumours and threatened abscesses, as may be ob-

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marked and peculiar, the effect of the clinical use of the

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the average quality of the product. There maybe poor gristmills, or

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ears. In the same way nine others took sulphate of quinine,

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of pessaries He asked if there was any history of pain or in-

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Artemisia filifolia, Torr. Ann. Lye. N. Y. ii, 211 (1827).

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into contact with it. It has been well established that if one