Assistant Attending Physician, North Shore University

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She tells me that she has not wanted or felt the need of morphine

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patient with bilateral frontal mucocele was a boy, set. 12 years.

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The second arise from the periosteum surrounding the

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health of that country. The earth was certainly intended to be

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In any chronic conjunctivitis these papillae become enlarged,

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severe and protracted cases, there is no outward redness nor

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experimentation. In succeeding chapters we are introduced to the

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have a controlling influence, it cannot be said to be curative. In most

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instead of from a reserve supply, in the form of os-

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obstruction. The patient would not give her consent to this

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of hyperemia and its disappearance along with other

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This increases in proportion to the extent to which non-British an-

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Barth, on the contrary, also as the result of experi-

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in the morning, since it is absorbed more readily by an empty

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tients: primary lymphoma was identified in 10. In 9 of the 10

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who believed that the substances formed in the medium during growth

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of the lower limbs was the rule, and in some the arms also became

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repeating this amount or not, being determined bv the

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as to the treatment of a case of uterine fibroids complicated with

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" Chantemesse." La Presse MedicaJe. February, 1906.

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leaf occurs from Quebec to Ontario, south to Georgia (but rare near the coast),

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Scrape with a knife, because no cutting divides it finely

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A Large Contingent Fee. — The following curious notice has recently

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with which it is organically still connected ; and then the

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neous use and the reports so far as received are favor-

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entirely or partially recovered, and to continue its good

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W. & F. begjeave to call the attention of the Faculty to the latest and

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and valve for this purpose, which permits the warm, bad air

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intake, no matter how large; (3) though the blood sugar level is

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"Haemorrhoids after parturition generally come on in

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occasional headaeh, suggested the idea that the loss of voice