Sequard cauterizes the nape of the neck, or the part where the

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acted either through the oxygen or the chlorine, or

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drug has been thoroughly established, in the treatment of a case it

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4. CDC: Summary of notifiable diseases. United States, 1990. MMWR 1991;

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demonstrative of its power and reliability in this respect, and also of

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structures of the meatus and cause harm. The surgeon in cases of forei^

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' Braun, " Die Lokalanasthesie," Leipzig, secDnd edition, 1907.

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surd ; and it comes about in this plain matter-of-fact way. Man alive ! do you see

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only by the most perfect possible induction. If, for

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Expected Operations, June 7th, at eleven o'clock: Removal

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liver pad (composition secret) ; 32, boiled water ; 33,

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was necessary in these circumstances to re-establish the flow from

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number of causes such as (1) fleshiness and lack of exer-

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corresponding growth in depth, which again is snth-

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Acetonitrile, 74.26 mgms., i. e., 4.7 mgms. per gm. mouse. Died 41 hours.

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she was admitted to Ouy's Hospital, and Mr. Durham determined to attempt

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and largely diluted, is an excellent tonic, and is used for

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whoUy by branches of the pulmonary vein to the left side of the heart : conse-

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cated, too, if the symptoms after marked improvement

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hitherto proved fruitless, we should strive, on the one hand,

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pulses of man are restrained, guided, or urged on, as necessity may re-

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toms during life. The chief importance, however, of the sub-peritoneal tumors is

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Art. 232. — Rupture of Membranes during Pregnancy,

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led to very rash and unwarranted surgical interference.

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much simpler, there is less ddliculty in doing it ac-

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the lower margin on the attached side and ^/g to ^A inch of mucosa

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with in ruminants. The only other instances recorded are these