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Beyond this, the stratum of the fasciculus which springs from the internal genicu-

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the method involves much technical difficulty ; it allows

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Hopkins, Wm. E., first lieutenant and assistant surgeon.

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beiag somewhat sheK-ing. but the upper hp is undermined about ij cm.

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ounces ; water 1 quart. Boil a while, take 1 pint every

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enous metabolism may be taken as an indication of the possibility

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very severe one, this being proved i by the fact that "flat pelvis" is

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of all the quantitative tests used for the detection of

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entire drculoHon throughout the vasctdar system. How much time is re-

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contradict the results of my own observations if I were to admit

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Council, with the consent of the Association, may appoint, at any annual

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along. The scrubbing should never be too vigorous, and the

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did not know., as that was the only broken bone they have

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incision the left frontal lobe is found to be the seat of an abscess from which

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the violent fits they brought on. In the course of his experience

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will not only assist the cure, but is a preventive also.

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irregular ; dullness at right side, behind, still present, but over

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to do this at least two samples of blood must be taken, one of them at the

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who for some months had had difficulty in completely emptying his-

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William Gustav Friedemann, S.B., S.M., Assistant in Chemistry.

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is not sufficient index as to the presence and situation of an obstruc-

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and it drives you along with the force of madness."^^

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of oxygen is absorbed ; which instead of being at once used up for

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tary, C. B. Herrick, Troy ; Treasurer, T. D. Mills,

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tinned for twenty-one hoars. The latter patient, a conch-woman, of Key West,

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1. That it is by no means very uncommon for intussusception to begin at the

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general medical center from a state institution for t '