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agony. The abdomen was distended with gas to an immense
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tai-y interest. It is the prevalent custom now to sell
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Dr. "Wood thence commenced attempting to reduce the fracture
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the 13th day of February, 1S82, with bovine vaccine
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vealed infiltration at both uppers suggestive of rein-
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Mkroscopically, the epithelium in the catarrhal stage is usually found
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tinal obstruction, one from hemorrhage, one from dysen-
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8. Beitrage zur Pharmakodfnamik dee Brechweimteimi. Yon Dr. 1^xoi>ob Aokbb-
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Early in the last century, girls wore low-necked dresses and short
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Hence it is that horses can drink against the law of
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isition from the action of a Stimulant to that of a. Sedative
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telegraph wire in the absence of better projectiles. The Maoris
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erally practice only oral prayer. Oral prayer also,
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be deduced: (1) If the agglutination reaction quickly increases in intensity
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doctor not over-cultured himself, designed for the ignoi-ant, poor
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Avater, add a solution of pearlash as long as any precipi-
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young, friendly man in a white coat walked up and introduced himself as
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concludes with a notice of the vasoconstrictors, the most useful of which
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progress to a fatal termination, it would be proper to
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organ ; it is especially when they are recognized and treated at an early stage
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of the change on microscopic examination, in a majority it can be
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weight, and in rare cases some pain. These symptoms in-
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very rare in children ; and in its progress and symptoms it cor-
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Paralysis of muscle groups may ensue and contractures
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preferably, or else compound liquorice powder, or a
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barracks,* but of course has the disadvantage, in a