of sketches, with a bi-ief description of the method I
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tion, so as to secure the best possible symmetry of the two
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This consists of the body, horizontal and convex anteriorly, and
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These arc two in luiniber: (1) the presence of pigmented large mononu-
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is a stationary period and an effort at spontaneous
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and actions. So that in the progress of the disease a
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columns to reply to the letter of Dr. Northrup, entitled
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the sympalkelic or ganglionic xyaU-m. Of the morbid conditions wbi(*
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occupied in the section. This figure shows very clearly the relations of neu-
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When this war started two years ago we had less than 450 officers
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air passages are often benefited by the inhalation of medicated vapors
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fourth or fifth months, or even later. I have on two occasions
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both twenty-seven days. The bacilli obtained after ten days were found
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and Devonport there is a decided diminution in the prevalence
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shows, therefore, an increase of 1271 upon the corrected number for 1S71.
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The Bureau of County Health Work was organized July 1, 1917, as
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•or magnetism, and is not subject to the same laws, yet,
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think what he imputes to an augmented absorption, may with
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had been impacted in the oesophagus and had worked its way
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there appear 19 only in the 135, or 1 in 7. These 19 females averaged 5 chil-
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1851. The constitutional symptoms of acute rheumatism, de-
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lenke. Miinchen. med. Wcbnsclir., 1897, xliv, 551; 587,
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by non-members at a half subscription for each Fasciculus. 112 Fasciculi
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tion of the black vomit. The presence of ammonia in black
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gether wanting, or may occur in a mild, and much more rarely in a
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of their development have little in common with that affection.
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and the thin dissolved blood be pressed out of them. Mercury, and
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place of illustrations there are tables of diflerential diagnosis,
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groundless. Applying strong nitric acid, in the manner described, to the
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the morning upon awaking. Mucoid gonorrheal threads the
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are getting their dinner, and those who can't eat he marks with
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much dreaded by practitioners. Blisters should be wholly discoun-
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general rule, the different character of the febrile movement, its more
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convalescents of either sex needing care and rest after acute in-
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Silesia, and that Professor Fliigge, of Breslau, had procei re to i 1 1 >
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the more powerful muscles. The limbs are extended, flexion of
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