guidance of those who labor in this department of medicine.
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The gastro-intestinal tract, liver, and aorta showed
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•59531 Bernard, H. M. The Apodidae. (Nature ser.)
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its origin ; and I am not sure that Profes.sor Gairdner's case
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The result of our experiments has strongly corroborated the reports, and
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structurally little, or not at all, injured, and two bands of tissue in the
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of him who is doing what everyone else is doing. It is only when he is
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fevers of New Orleans, alludes to Dengue, and says, "he did
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muscular, extending from the ganglia of the anterior
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until the present day, the disease has been confounded Avith syphilis.
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over several months, may give rise to a hope that the disease has
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Sanitary Officer for Kingstown Urban District ; and by
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treatment. Most bursattee horses change owners during the
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local treatment. Purity of atmosphere is, however, of even greater
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the other hand, the matter accumulated in the colon does not pro-