month before being taken sick. Following it there were two

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crux of the situation is, of course, the still apparently unsettled question

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Aplastio (o-plos^tic). FGr. a priv. + trX&affeiv

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There is still much siiperstition as to certain questions of

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they were extirpated, the disease would return speedily and with immense

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camps ; the people were probably divided into small tribelets.

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regarding it is taken from the Report of M. Chaumaton, made to the

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school which would have been denied him in the school which he leaves.

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of the organ and tissue chiefly affected. The vapor bath, the counter-

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but wish to see him ; and he came, did his mischief, and went

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troduced to the profession by Mr. Thomas Wakley, jun., in a

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sulphate of quinine repeated. 20th. ISo fever: cough nnuh

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sections of their chosen field ; the anatomy and physiology of

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team from Susquehanna. The doctors displayed a well-balanced, well-drilled com-

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oHicials of the politiciil kind, such as too often exist in

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of the nineteenth century the progress of all science has

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and each society can withdraw at any time if it so de-

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Pennsylvania ; Surgeon to the Gynecean Hospital, Philadelphia. Oc-

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essential If superinfection occurs during therapy, appropriate

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Library, 3,976 accessioned and 4 unaccessioned items;

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originating in destructive inflammation. The exceedingly interesting

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operation. In many the operation was futile, owing to the

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published in a small booklet published by a physician in the

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well known that when the forearm is pronated, the points of origin and

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many other facts on which it rests were obtained in a similarly

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value. The ideal should be the most intense specific action compatible

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the hairs within a week. These ova, or "nits," mature in from three to eig^t

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my hands for revision, I have appended to it some valuable observations

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out injury to pelvic floor. Both mother and child made a good recovery, the

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In pursuance of the duty thus enjoined, I purpose this

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Age. — Minimum, 18 ; maximum, 34 ; average, 23'3.

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operation devised begins with incision at the ilium,

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12. Coleman: Clinical Journal, London, April 0, 1898.