is situated in the extreme north of the town, in an open, elevated situa-
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air penetrated freely between the planks of the walls, the floor, and
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Direct representation on the Medical Council is the universal demand
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absence of pigment in the choroid allows light to pass in directly through
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plexus, etc.," but no mention is here made of hepatic branches. But,
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of a local encephalitis), the question whether white or grey matter is
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without much thought as to the use which was to be made of it. But,
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Case xxiit. — Reyet, 3rd Chasseurs, was shot through the infra-
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perform their functions properly, from the continued injection of blood
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of acute renal dropsy, from which he is now rapidly recovering. His
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the King and Queen's College of Physicians, Ireland ; the joint Licence
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occasionally during the last two years ; that he had twice before been
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and effective, in harmony with the laws for the relief of the poor, and
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in the metropolis, not even a "proper place" being provided where
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hospital), of being twenty-one years of age, and of good moral conduct.
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us of the nature or essence of the sympathy existing, of the mode in
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commonest necessaries of life. I'he school was to commence last Monday, and
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I. No "cysts" exist in choleraic discharges which are not found
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mayor, presided. It was said that the total raised last year in support
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death is the second. A strict adherence to rale is necessary, to what-
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The Museum appears in a most flourishing condition.
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to the human race as that of the skilful surgeon and accomplished phy-
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is also given an excellent resiimi of the researches of previous German
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furnish the names or titles, as early as possible, to
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further hospital provision, and to take this matter under its special
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" Mukes from Boodie's", instead of " Books from Mudie's" ; "skinal
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I have not had the opportunity of \orking out the facts — facts which,
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the wrong kind of knowledge. They have taken it innocently and
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objects of interest is infinite; all may experience, if they will, the charm
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of an interminable number of remedies, was an advancement of scien-
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of the ramus of the left jaw, just to the outer side of the tragus. She
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paraded the streets at night should be suppressed.— Dr. A. P. Stewart
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gard to his motion if he were to delay it for another year {laughter and
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and the members. Notwithstanding their seeming absurdity they exer-
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Ireland conduced materially to the general health of the countiy. The
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in the liver were very rare. The symptoms during life were those of
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long-handled mop ; the women in Holland clean their steps with an
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one hand the failure of anresthetic treatment, and on the other the
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ther and disseminated in what was, to his mind, the most weighty Sec-
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lectures of five females not regular medical students ; four of them are,
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Arnott's modification of Hunter's method) succeeded perfectly, and Mr.
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to passing in all the ' ologies' as deftly and easily as a conjurer dupes
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serving the right to add to, or take from, the list. I. — Universities oj