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cases the infection runs the same course as in the adult, in others the fever
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quired cell properties be transmitted from cell generation to cell gener-
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cillus immobilis et foetidus (Frankel and Sanger), and the bacillus of Gil-
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reflex by no means always concur : one or more of these symptoms may
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continuous with those in the pharynx. If the diphtheritic angina be of
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lumps, and between the fibres there is a proliferation of the connective
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f. Bacteriologie, vol. xiii.), to which 1 per cent of iodide of potassium is added. On this
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That the leucocytes contain bactericidal substances was first demon-
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In many cases solid food may be given with advantage. If there be
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sons frequently who after some dull days with absence of sun become
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give up the stain in 25 per cent solutions of mineral acids, but the
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adhesive, and this adhesiveness with the associated increased friction
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extensive ulcerations of the gums, and even of the tongue. The gangrene
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John Hunter, while apparently adhering to the view that pyaemia was
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6. Relapse. — After the false membrane has been cast off, but before
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stronger than that which has supported scores of other agents eventually
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the dead bodies of the bacteria — that is, the protoplasmic substances or
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As convalescence is established, a liberal diet with general tonics — iron,
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and one which under certain conditions is even of greater value to the
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neuritis that came under the cognisance of Professor Clifford AUbutt
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1893-95. — 27. Simpson, W. J. Cholera in Calcutta, 1894.— 28. Sobernheim. Hyg.