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servations are made when the cicatrization has already begun, and

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Legitimate Pliarmaoy, by Dr. William F. Barclay, of Pitts-

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sera ; in some cases using that from immunized rabbits ;

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fourteen years of age, under size, anemic, bad general health, over-

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ibis case a [)late culture was made ; the gonococcus grown

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home. Being called, I found his face congested, the

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Characteristic initial rashes may appear during the attack. One patient,

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adjustment and in maintaining meaningful human relationships.

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the bad effects arising from partial inoculation. A child was in-

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rales this process is constantly repeated. Such a conception practically

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Richards, Frederick William, St. Bartholomew's Hospital

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high fever, lasting for about a week ; and then apparent convalescence,

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to you to succeed in producing a classification of climates

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{.Staiueil //a>'nuUo.vi/lin, Eoi^ix and (' arhol-thionin .)

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reformation of the system and the establishment of chairs of military

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"if there are," says the Lancet in notes of solemn warning, "all

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of a lump of cnrds. A snflicient quantity being collected

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diversified one. Suppurative nephritis with the formation of kidney ab-

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fuccefsful in mitigating the violence of future fymp-

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3. Generally only the serous (peiitoneal) surfaces of the intestinal

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at least as ultimate result was concerned, of any interference

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which came under my observation recently, may be of

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about five pounds of very offensive fluid rau out. This

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troversy, and dealing with personalities just so far as they are

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ometer continuing to record the circuit as being closed.

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Reprinted from Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, March

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of the whole neuromuscular apparatus. (Skoog was also of the same

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if we wish to find how many Fahrenheit degrees are in, say, 40 C,

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that were caused by the germ of grip, or the poison. I have seen

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weakness is noted, especially in the legs. The knee-jerk is at first

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euresol and colloidal sulphur. Solutions containing gelatine have

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diseases, the phenomena of the one or of the other disease predominating

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" 3. The inoculation of the liquid from the lungs of an animal

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Dr. A. F. CiruuiKU took issue with Dr. (Jrandin as to the

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at any time, on very slight provocation, become ridicu-

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and far-reaching, to secure the desired results. The plan which was

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and not less reliable, means can be employed. Thus in speaking

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there are varying degrees of fusion of the two heads,

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thirst and to promote the elimination of toxic principles (leucomaines)

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Zasshi, Tokyo, 1898, ii, 1. — Rdiiicr (P.) Die conserva-