Soaps, Fancy — consist of common commercial soap, mixed

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Treatment, to be efficient, must be especially prepared for the case,

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staff, who will co-operate with Dr. Royer, the Exectuive Officer, in

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F.R.C.V.S.]. — The author gives a minute record of several

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often a secondary than a primary disease, and was es-

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this country are at variance as to many of the most important

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but where students come together from all directions.

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ticed that in ex[ieriiiieiit (d) No*. 4 and U wern on lh«

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Hansell's service, to whom he was indebted for this privilege.

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ing, and thus depriving him of the requisite amount of

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occurred. The patient died, though not immediately.

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dents, as well as to educated medical men." — Pacific Medioit and Surgical Journal.

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ophthalmopathy. Exp Clin Endocrinol 1991; 97:206-21 1

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experimentally (in laboratory animals, chiefly rabbits) the essential

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in the circulation, and the liver's function in producing

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they pour on it a small quantity of oil. They generally select a young

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tariff of fees for the guidanc-e of their members, and the information

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but had had no children ; there had been no mis<-arriages. He was

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minutes apart, instead of sitting them all at once. On entering the

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disturbance of digestion, rise of temperature and of pulse rate, and a

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This MS. belonged at one time to John Beaton. It deals with Materia Medica, the substances being

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that he is whole-hearted in his anxiety to grapple with the scourge

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housing and food production and supply, for children require food

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in its substance two enlarged lymphatic glands ; while that on the

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