eipccially to air; the mouth should occasionally be
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Derivation. — Solutions of nearly equal weight of sodium
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subjected to the action of boiling water or steam with-
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hands in the lavatory of the Pullman car; 2 days after, he
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dresser of Long Melford, who had died at the Sudbury Hospital. From
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anaesthesia. Provision is made on the top for a funnel (Fig.
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embolism, and as sometimes caused traumatically, are among the rarest of
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bers in the whole series, but it is to be remembered that
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profession, its provisions were approved by a practi-
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embolism, thrombosis, obliterating arteritis, or tumour.
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the dumdum bullet has been universally condemned by
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It is the pleasant task of a President, at the end of his term of
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average for the monlh of October in the nine years, 1879-1887,
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name for affections of this kind. The term is modified according to
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that these mUd attacks and the native immunity are due to infec-
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This consists of the small brown follicles and seeds of
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In looking up this point I was astonished to find that such a popular and so con-
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deceased members, which had been prepared, under authority
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lactic) contained in the blood. The appearances are, no doubt, much
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cases and the whole niunber of those ending fatally is twenty. Of tlie
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University of Alabama in Birmingham, Edgar D. Charles,
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Now I did not believe that this was the true reason, although
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this last one. This long interval is chiefly due to the author's
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drawn to the right; eyes closed; at same time jaws are motionless, some-
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continuing. There is complete muscular resolution, but in an instant
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aortic valves were incompetent in a slight degree ; there was no aortic
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of non-suppurating lesions, and rather prefer to insert
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deceiving the i)hysicians. Another examination had been
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successfully, especially for long periods, the paralysis, the contracture,
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that the tapeworm patient has a ravenous appetite in
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iTurk, Vorlesungen iiber klinische Hamatologie, Wien, 1904.
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teal and sub^periosteal hemorrhage was found to exist,
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and of the uterus and vagina in the female, the bladder rises higher
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jerks may be absent for a time and then return ; while m tabes, after
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reiterate what all elderly people already know, but we hope they may
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cine, W, Gillman Thompson's Medicine (1900, published by Yeo Bros. & Co.), Modern
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tober 8, 1895, the following report was unanimously adopted:
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Not the least charm of insects is to be met with in their un-
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but this yielded easily to local treatment. The prolonged
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is cases of injury resulting from the use of milk so preserved. He
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coincidence that it is just in those forms of suppura-
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Of all of these, milk is incomparably the best, and it should form, unless
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the uterus is the site of the infection, when other methods have failed,