difficult to decide which of the two was the etiological
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have supplied more careful observations of the subjective symptoms
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up the subject continually, complaining of the insufficiency of the
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limits. Also, in Dog 18-25, Table II, death occurred before autolysis
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•i-n o'clock, tie- doors will lie opened and the reading
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of aqua ammonia and one quart of rain-water. A sloppy bran-,
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•greater decree of attention hes'towed upon them, and
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Nutrition, Oedema, Moisture of Surface, Mode of R-espiration, Char-
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advance, we should not cut loose from the experience of the
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F. C. Herrick asked if the speaker had had any experience in operat-
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introducing the CH 2 XHC0CH 2 C1 group into aromatic compounds.
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patients showed some tremor of the hands or general unsteadiness,
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ble because there was such a marked difference in the features and general
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witliin the vagina, came away easily, and after its re-
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temperature, which had been normal, rose to 101 F., then became very irregular,
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the ureter, and having reached the bladder are expelled thence
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admittedly the most common. I have not seen it less than thirteen or
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The reform needed is, that the places of rendezvous of
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thusiastic, — and are not only anxious to attain a
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head was warm, conditions which are just exactly the opposite of
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H. C. Lyman, M. D. ; Cortland County, Caleb Green, M. D. ; Madison
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by CcEsarean section. At the end of her fourth pregnancy the uterus