occurring in 1918, the sputum in 1,090, or 79.5 per cent., was typed.

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Acetonitrile, 74.26 mgms., i. e., 4.7 mgms. per gm. mouse. Died 41 hours.

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abundance into the weakened vefTels, that the heart

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people who appear perfectly well-nourished, and this

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except in rare cases, and in these it is usually carried out through

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there are certain dislocations which a hospital-corps man may attempt

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from the Knights and the State that inculcated it with

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Gentlemen, in connection with the three cases which I have now

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junctivitis was present, due apparently to affection of the nerves of sensation

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and here I wi.sli to bear willing testimony to the valu-

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the diarrhoea. By persevering with opium, sugar of lead,

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duction of energy, as against the theory of defective inhibition held

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over the right temple, and a small quantity of bloo<l abstracted ;

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Clinical Features. — The chief local phenomena of contusions are dis-

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maverick qualities, however, “to go where no one has gone

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had been practised for very many years in South Wales, where it was known

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tonized milk or lime w r ater and milk can be used. If no food can be retained,

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The percentage of families underfed declines as the income is increased

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upon a board, and knead it thoroughly, alternately chopping it with a

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tooned appearance, by the accuracy with which it corresponds

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that the continuance, at least, of the joint lesions has been caused

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early life. It so happens that all my operations for

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the general neurotic features are the most prominent it is impossible to

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and of the casts is simultaneous. It has happened to me, as of

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