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who shall examine such candidates as may offer themselves for
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Sometimes, when no strangulation occurs, the bands of newly
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appearing to be most liable to the contagion who have passed through
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ing sediment of disintegrated bacilli is used as vaccine ma-
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rare. In the majority of cases the mucus that fills the gall-bladder is
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John S. Manion, Henry Miner, Alton Moulton, Joseph F. Percy, Eustis Singleton,
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with sudden, sharp pain in the umbilical region after
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hold her in the bed; but it was soon over, for in about
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Dr. E. F. Whitman, Oculist and Aurist, still remains at
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treat the sick. It should educate the community in the ways of healthy
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arrests the flow of urine. This effect is not, however, obtained if the ani-
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neurasthenics, of hysterical patients, or that due to sudden
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the course of each year. The classes of diseases most prevalent in
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the pulmonary artery. This ventricle is divided from the one on
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ing greatest promise of success, especially in those cases where
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similar to that of typhoid fever and cholera. He grows the
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January 21— Law and Medicine Symposium. Seattle. Thurs. Contact:
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those who approach them. At a later period a Report of the Hospital
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of King's Eclectic Medical Dispensatory, in Hempel and Arndt's
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mi is free from some of the evils of a common poiil*
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treatment, made so good a recovery that I think it worthy of
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In Maryland Medical Journal, September 8, 1883, p. 289. Experi-
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The animal may recover so as to work weU iu winter,
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distinguished by their solubilities and their physical appearance. How-
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isolated rows of fat granules, which seemed to correspond to the course of the
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tinued until the lower lid could readily be pushed into its pro-
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Being fully convinced that the closure is due to disease it
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rant, and should be discarded altogether from the question of
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children do not react normally against irritation and infection, is in
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hysteria in which the hysteria imitates other diseases is to make
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what I knew about blood clotting, I found that, try as I would,
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American Medical Association: Medical Evaluation of the Athlete — A guide.
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The mere fact that this work has passed through so many
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is upon her, she ought not to admit of any embraces, which