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is stained blue, and the length of time before the colour
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Fistula is therefore in many respects like an internal
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22. Anatomy of the Foetus and Infant. — Mj. or |Mj. Summer, Autumn,
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the most frequent of all complications. They appear during or after the
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branches of the pulmonary artery, these minute deposits of fibrin
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ing, or convention, the delegates to which were to be
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(3) That medical and electrical treatment should be carefully
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suppose that he of all others, is the only one who claims his at-
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removed portions of the lower jaw without this precaution, and have had cause
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strongest desire that the city of New York, in which his
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been vaccinated or against the antigene which he has received.
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That such a re[)()il should have arisen is \evy interest-
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results than the tepid, or warm sponge ; and it has the further
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a large, dripping-wet towel is perhaps the best method.
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trils, or, in brief, traveling nuisances, which should be speedily cured
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the stump healed by first intention. These were the most
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upper arm, between the shoulder and elbow joints. The arm was
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genesis which exists, is also to be considered in the causation of these paren-
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not aware of the fact that it is not a scientific i?istitution, nor
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different from that of the present one. This mole did
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Diagnosis ; Recovery. By C. S. Wood, M. D., of Xew York
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answer without i)rcjudice and without partiality Sir James Simjjson's cer-
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