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head. This increased and became painful to a marked degree. The

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operations ; besides, it is not the bare performing of that act

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Our Legitimate Scope is almost boundless : for whatever begets pleasurable

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prodromal stage, then slowing takes place during the irritative stage, an-1

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tree which lifts its head defiantly to the powers of wind and

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insomnia, it was only from a certain amount of apprehension,

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pound into her own stomach ; and, most startling of

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has shown that air may be injected into the cerebral ventricles with

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part I., p. 124. 6 Journ. Laryngol. Rhinol. and Otol., 1914, XXIX.,

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the following circumstances have given rise to epidemics:

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white area with a dirty-gray circumference, from the temporal edge of

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consists of numerous small, round cells, many large, deeply staining mononuclear

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are our own,) the operation for the partial exsection of this bone has

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tendency to introspection, depression, and worrying over

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the appearance of the throat in these cases is very similar to that in scarlet

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must depend on some change affecting the blood so as to alter the form

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thopedics indicate that medical risk rather than medical

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of the same side. A fair nimiber of fibers from each pyramid

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the epinephrin injection, but this was probably psychic. This change

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projectiles, but also in wounds caused by blunt instruments of

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medially produced a green-stick fracture at the anterior attachments

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most experienoed, calling for quick decision, extreme patience, and

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diseases into families, and extends his curative treat-

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that we have the best drainage possible. (Dr. Long also gave an