Mr. Wayne, in a notice (for the 7'he Druggist) of Mr. Zimmer-
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but is not altogether safe, as I have noticed a few cases of reten-
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through all the fatigue and excitement until January, 1915, when
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February 8th and 9th. I visited some points in Eobeson
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Copies will be sent complimentary to every physician interested in the
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Section III. treats of the sanatorium buildings, their con-
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tincture of iodine depends chiefly on its alcohol, and that rectified spirit is in
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to a substance proz\Tnogen; sometimes it is dissolved in the nuclear
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the material and the means for individuals and nations to in-
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"faithful are the wounds of a friend," takes umbrage at this,
way, were practiced as far back as the i8th Century, was, of
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cause a simple infarction, these infected emboli, through the microorganisms
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asepsis. Before sliding the grafts into the cavity, the periphery of
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the symptoms of occlusion continue — when the disease is of eight or
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addresses at Guy's in 1855 and 1874, his address at the
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Manv of the peculiar results consequent upon injuries
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abdominal visceral involvement. The escape of intestinal
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side of the face and neck, of which he gives the following account.
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the seasons in the etiology of morbid action, exhibited in the preceding
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endure a long one. Death for old people, he said, as a
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rior part of the vagina was spontaneou-^l}'' dilated, the whole produced
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elevation, is to let him see that he can do something, that he
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&c. (Bullelin de rAcademie Imperialede Medeciae; all recent French peri-
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Three different systems of weights and measures are used in this
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movements, and loud talking, be controlled as far as practicable.
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areolar tissue. The cases I have thus operated on have
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incorrect, for in direct contradiction to Kelsch's views Wilks
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left clofed, till the pus, having of its own accord,
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10. When bones are rendered see that they are cracked and
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possible to use this instrument, and he had therefore
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the grains, this being also influenced by their external shape. The size
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we may get the fifth affected on both sides, and the limbs only on one
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the ventilation of dwellings, but involving, in a minor degree, the heat-
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bear his testimony to the very great importance of all