to the hypoxemia seen in acute asthma, and pulmonary
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branes or caoutchouc substitute, such as the congested or oedeniatous
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or in the open-air near the church. Miraculous heal-
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proved means of diagnosis furnished byftiodern gynaecological science? Oppo-
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they travel no cases of consumption occur, but that
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function; (b) to increase in katabolism in the tissues as a whole; (c) to in-
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warm or sulphur baths, ferruginous tonics, cod liver oil, and occa-
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the internal administration of myrtol to overcome putre-
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mass, which formed the greater part of the tumour, and divided it into
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and fenfes were unimpaired : there followed an uni-
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on the 20th the screened thermometer rose at Bath to 72*
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of the middle line in front. The left kidney was not so easily
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tary connector fibers run through several ganglia, as in the sympathetic
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are also to be obtained from the ranks of the regiment. It is laid
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physiology, and that, with his assistance and under
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We shall now proceed to illustrate the application of these
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of falling, which often precedes alcoholic epilepsy; a form of
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Infants’ sleep position has been a topic of little interest
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doing things to let the people of the state know of its existence. One of the fea-
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Dr. S. S. Greene, a physician in large practice, receiving the degree of
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and minimal readings was 43.3°, compared with a thirty -five
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two systems, both costing about the same, all things being included,
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stomach has presented one or more congenital jx)uchings which
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[Reprinted from The Journal of Experimental Medicine, July 1, 1918, Vol. xxviii,
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uterine inertia the hot douche stimulates muscular contrac-
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tions stained for tubercle bacilli showed their presence in the thick-
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clothes given him. A judicious nurse will endeavour to distract his
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