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The disease prevails much more among those whose pursuits are seden-
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An agreeable, general tonic and stimulant, the equiva-
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same wards with adidts, and are thus ezpqsed to both physical and
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spontaneous perforation of the thoracic walls, will hardly warrant a posi-
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may be the nature and source of the special cause, auxiliary causes seem
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erties, by means of which the energy of the system is recruited.
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to the pathologist, have now been passed in review. It is evident that
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fatal termination. Pericarditis, as a complication, adds greatly to the
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things that you ought to know, and don't; to enlarge your conversational powers; to brighten
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in cases of gastrorrhagia, the amount of hemorrhage is not always repre-
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that, the existence of the former being ascertained, the latter may be in-
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the death of Dr. Isaac Pabrish, presented the following, which
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hemorrhage, or the loss of blood ma^^ be so rapid as to destroy life quickl3\
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parts as to require dissecting out with care. It was distended
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In infants less than a year old the drug is contra-indicated, as
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continued more or less swollen and stiff. The pulse remained
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action. This weakness is shown by feebleness of the pulse, coolness and
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Case I. — Caroline Mary T., »t. 15, was attacked with a double
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positories, and passing his catheter hourly sometimes,
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ployment of all such measures as may tend to promote a vigorous
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regulating their operation. Thus, the special cause of periodical fever,
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In a case under my observation, in which, after death, the walls of the