frequently amyloid corpuscles. These appearances denote hyperplasia of

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publication, but it is perhaj)s on that very account more valuable.

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fect health, have been accidentally killed. It is probable that the quantity

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(6) Bipolar cells. Cells of this type are quite numerous, both

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the source and media of taste to the tongue, and fauces, the seats

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animal magnetism, must be extremely rare. With pretty large opportu-

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one case. In but one of the cases was there diflficulty in urination, and

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The spleen is more or less enlarged and softened. It is sometimes the

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structures The student also will find it a convenient guide and assistant in conjunction with

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tasted the coloquintida introduced into its mouth, — in one to such

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sthenic, it then becomes of a completely opposite character,

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ophthahnicus profimdi nor portio profimdi. In Polypterus, and

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ti.ius of t^ie nervous system ia all its relations, a

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Marshal Hall described them long since in his work on diagnosis, and more at

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these processes appeared nearly clear or had a sUght bluish tint

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The truncated extremity of the ulna is felt somewhat enlarged,

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brain ventrad and mesad of the olfactorius and passes forward

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had doubtless existed, leading to the changes just stated, but the ob-

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loss of weight for the first 2 or 3 weeks after commencing the skim-milk

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of medical science. At the very moderate price at which it is offered it will be found one of the

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In the month of March some years since, v/hen intermittent fe-

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processes. The majority of multipolar cells included in the

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to be desirable to produce ptyalism. This practice has now but few advo-

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supply an area of the hard palate medial to that supplied by the

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176 Dr. Corrigan on the Mechanism of Bruit de Soitfflet.

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colleague. Prof. McCreed3^ ^Regarding the poison as frequently thus

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brane attached to it seems to have been originally atiixed along

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5 For an int(M-esting and instructive account of scurvy as occurring in the armies

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festations of hysteria. Several forms of the affection are hysterical

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takes precedence of all of the various remedies known to have any cura-

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bulb. Kitten two weeks old. Pyridin-silver technique. X 990.

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than in a healthy condition. The ventricles may contain a small or mod-

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3. The transverse bridge of skin is then drawn forwards, and

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Bellevue Hospital at the end of the five 3^ears, and after a few months was