the infected corpuscles often contain several. Those containing
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lip are shown in sketch c. The philtrum is trimmed to a V-shape, leaving as much tissue as is possible
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is in circumstances implicitly to comply with our directions. The
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the saving in a big institution effected by using barium sulphate in preference
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seen in cases of combined postero-lateral sclerosis ; and similarly, in some
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liver, and absent in otlier parts. They may be absent from tlie spleen when
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mental suffering so clearly before my mind, that I could not force myself to
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Towards the evening* he became feverish, and was again freely bled. The ice
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have found no better remedy than Pulv. Rhei, iii. grains and Calcined Mag
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conditions of metabolism are as perfect to produce it as could be. The
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By L. VAX Es, M. D., V. S., State Veterinarian, Fargo, North
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14. Lacto-phosphate of Lime as an Analeptic Medicament in Adynamic
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able as regards deformity, and not the disease itself.
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This aspect of the problem of experimental s>T>hilis will be taken
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white, of the shape of a cone, the base projecting slightly above the sur-
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Then a vacuum was made in the bottle by a Potain pump, and the
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former, eventually stopping it altogether, and we must limit his
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As tuberculosis of hogs in almost invariably due to bovine
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tain well-defined divergences. The evidence presented is complete,
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able were scattered hemorrhages in the thorax and abdomen under the serosa of
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Occasionally we see a case of pericranial headache, occurring
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and all these conditions would necessarily lead to the upper
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Ultrasonography also has been helpful in imaging adrenal
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after death, while blows dealt on a recently dead body (within two hours of death)
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minated the treatment, as the patient was in no physical condition
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one employs negative pressure or suction following each application*
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