Statistics of mean annual observations are misleading as criterions of actual

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therein while he is urinating ?— but this we are not told that he is to do.

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It is believed that the attendance upon the general medical and

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tumour was arrived at. This was bigger than a walnut, of stony hardness, and condsted of

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of it may be swallowed, to prevent which bend the head down.

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The directions for trephining over the middle meningeal are quite definite,

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only from his credence as an author does this renown establish itself,

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their fellow-members. Some stress of circumstances, arising out of

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means of Fergusson's speculum. M. Janet then proceeds to

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L868 a. — Note on the discovery of Planaria terrestris in England J. Linn. Soc.

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seemed to impel a column of water straight on ; it did not exhibit

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concerning the application of highly toxic chemicals do not

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this taint. We do, however, every now and then see a physiognomy

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life, one-third during the next fifty. After he has analysed, tabulated

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Nancrede thrust his finger deep into the wound, against

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was made in every case with silk and interruptedly,

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which he is surrounded account for the frequent persistence of

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blood, but undergoes certain changes when exposed to external influences.

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Next in order of occurrence of disease of the central or-

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pinching the back. In small animals with old protrusions

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The symptoms which echinococci produce depend chiefly upon

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From the tonsils, pharyngeal, buccal, sublingual, and many

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diagnosis was somewhat obscure; the abscess-cavity, which

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ance in grouping infectious maladies. Applying this principle to the

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began to feel painful pressure of the large toe against the boot, which at

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all by ignorance on the part of those in a governing relation to the young

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Districts. Such a course is sjDecially desirable in the

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tends from the middle of the axilla to the internal condyle. Divide

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If a purgative should be required at first occasionally. Dr. Atkinson recom-

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year. In the following table is given a summary of the analytical

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chronicity of the process, and, more especially to the degree of its limitation.