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The coloured pencils recommended are the Creta L^evis, made

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Hcation in the method are likely to be of service. This case

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tinuity to the retro-peritoneal glands, more rarely to the liver,

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patient's shoulder; lifts patient's shoulder of affected

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several months previously. In this case a stone weigh-

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trib., " Electro-puncture of Diaphragm and Heart, in Drowning,

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until an effect is produced upon the pulse, and to be re-

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number of private, semi-private and ward beds are now

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abstracts of the clinical records of operation specimen, and of clini-

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with him. If he looked upon the world as his oyster,

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nation of that of Amblystoma tigrinum (Green). Both larval

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undisinfected stools of this child must have passed into the

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resin of Copaiba — and the acrid principle of Cubcbs, all pass

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the one hand they found abundant evidence that hga-

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It certainly is our most efficient weapon in the relief of very many

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we tell them we like it but we don't urge it. Because just as sure as there

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toxin. Manifestations of cardiac dilatation sometimes

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Gonzalez E: Latex hypersensitivity: A new and unexpected problem. Hosp

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Hall, Wintield S., Professor of Physiology, Northwestern University Medical

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proper consistence. Used chiefly as an agreeable ad-

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tute a proof that they are a cause of the disease; or because various micro-

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hours ; a tablespoonful of brandy to a half pint of milk,

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ell, is reported as considerable. Twenty-eight cases

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Open Knowledge Commons and the National Endowment for the Humanities

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tions made as to the quantity of urine passed compared with the weight of the animals

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bacteria can frequently be determined only by histological and

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except a small amount of gypsum which occurs naturally

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lead foil. Fourth, the patient is further protected by means of

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cannot be maintained without pure air, whether our dwellings are in

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