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rine-quinme solution. Times & Reg., Phila. & Lost., 1896,
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of the association of it with medicine. This is based
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former, namely, the predisposing causes, alone, might have been inadequate ;
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special committee has been formed to attend to the con-
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tem passed over into the bile. The rabic poison certainly
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uraemia is not passed, although the albumen may have disappeared from the
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After interesting remarks, Dr. Cyrus Thompson offered the fol-
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sure to cold, and is accompanied with excruciating pain. It some-
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of trephining and the removal of a portion of a cerebral tumour produces
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lowing report on Military Surgery, by Dr. Gay. We are happy to
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lication of his work are said to have proved fatal. Guille-
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tirely occluded, the urine accumulates from hour to hour
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The diet is poor in quality and insufficient in quantity.
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probably in the end the most satisfactory, yet the stain
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whom writing was a comparatively unfamiliar exercise, the agraphia was
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tion of urea ; chronic atony ; glycosuria ; well-marked degeneration of the
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guished impression, no( alone in America, but in the world at
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litis or of peritonitis, it is a good and a safe plan to
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gangrene of the lung, perforation of the pleura and pyo[)neumo-
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terrified, so astonished, so convinced were they of tlieir reality,
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mulation than we were in 1886, when Ohlshausen 89 stated that the cause of the
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was denuded over its entire circumference adjacent to the os
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border of the right mammas, which also increased regularly
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to Saviotti and several other observers, may also pass through the walls, and
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overcome by the toxin. A microscopical examination confirmed the
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S<»V(M"al iiivrst ii^alors have isolated llic hacillus froin hroiidio-
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side had ceased to be troublesome, but there was still slight tenderness in
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condensation of the tissues surrounding the vessel.
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animals -it may be distinguished by not always occupying the de-
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these diseases that a very large proportion of our pauperism is due.
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maxihtteitiow nr ohhj>bxn — a class clinic 213
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several cysts, in all weighing one hundred and fifty-eight
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Skelet von Pleuracanthus. Zool. Anz., Leipz., 1889. xii,
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admission to practice in France of foreign doctors. It is
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with much incredulity, as that was regarded as impossible ;