regarded in the treatment of many diseases of children. I

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though important, does not call for special remark, but should be

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that is an R. O. P. should be converted into an L. O. A. and an

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in this portion were remarkabl) hypertrophied, but in no other

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day or two will usually be asked for, in order that suitable preparations

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employee so transferred shall be available for the payment of his

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satisfactory, as a portion of the time he was under

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ment of our laboratories for important practical work chiefly in

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house. If, with the same facility that a sick child is now

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very great value, and I would throw out the suggestion to those

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was performed. 30 In this group there were good outcomes

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covered with a muco-sanguinolent fluid: by the fifth day, they

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matter of more than mere convenience to all concerned

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Payment was made for 1,857 cases during April amount-

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Blood, however, in itself is not necessarily an indication of

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slipping of clamp or ligature ; a moment's reflection will, however, remove

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Shorter Catechism "perseverance therein to the end."

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a thorough doing away with them, and a fundamental recon-

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head almoft to the tail, there were reckoned an hun- -

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scenity was prevalent in the literature of those days.

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and, as far as I remember, not in a single case where the

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b.m. 59753 British Museum. Catalogue of lopho branchiate fish.

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and 2 is bubbled through the blood with the partial pressure of the

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examination. The back was perfectly straight, except that the

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activity, this should be diminished. If the increased activ-

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1 The Boylston Prize Paper of the Bovlston Medical Society of I , , . .. , r .■> . „i „

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be caused by a constricting band, nor evidence of a scar, the result of

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or delirium. In infants, violent convulsions occur, which

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six years needs twelve hours sleep, and one of twelve should

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with the vagus fibers at or above the level of the nodose ganglion.