of the constant successions of cutaneous disease, to which we have been subject
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war of the rebellion. — The history of the war of the re-
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Dr. D. B. St. John Roosa. — I desire to express, in
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may i)e useful wIk^u given in stjine forms of atonic dyspepsia, lie also thinks
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lantic Ocean." Reading these words, Dr. Steinerkopf at once
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firmly fixed by its roots, as we may term its prolongations into the small
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being brought to the herd from farms whereon the disease ex-
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ing from the opinion of what should be their proper use, is far
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His plan of treatment was Oertel's, which he did not
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they give. There is no good reason why with proper precantiona
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It is important also observe, as confirmatory of this view,
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most highly civilized and refined races, the cases of labour
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In 1578-79, another of his clan, Helen Colquhoun, was accused
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opened at the most dependent point, and several pints
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1'he invasion of unconsciousness in epilepsy is always sudden, and it may be
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The evils that result from the want of such an establishment
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though there has been an increase in the amount of urine voided
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Il^lhe selection of the above nnme. attention is paid l« the alistroct
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^ Read before the Medical Society of the .State of rennsylvania.
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it was all his own ; because on other days he was expected to work for his em-
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glandular fubftance -, whence Ltvrct x has made a juil
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perform its tasks adequately, the committee makes every
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through the glands. Their operation is peculiar, but it is
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pears that factors such as drug cost, the influence of
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they appear to me to be of uncertain and ambig.uoi^
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tology of the union of the bowel with Czemy-Lembert
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cian, the local agent and the family. The habit is to
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ble that our attention shoidd be; called to the matter,
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chronicity of the process, and, more especially to the degree of its limitation.
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tion in blenorrhagia which may cause blenorrhagic arthritis; and
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revealed a marked change ; the pulmonary area on the right strikingly
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to the surprise of all present, no blister had arisen, nor a
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testine, and hence speaks of the former as the " cervical
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tended. The contents had been compiled with great care;
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be deferred until it is hoped that convalescence is about to commence.