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of the University of Bordeaux in deciding on the establishment

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On the other hand, there is no impairment of sensa-

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found among the grass, and at the edges of plough fields.

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amount of solids for this period was slightly above the average of

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sume the compact form of a tablet (the size of a small brick,) in which

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Mr. Rooke, was the following : — A private of the 77th Regiment,

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hospital maintenance stands at 21s. 6d. as comjiared with 28s.

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secondary, and the metastatic abscesses, so to speak, as tertiary

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Gotch, and Dr. Semon. The subject is so enormous, he was at

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culty, however, is now overcome by the introduction of the

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all active movement must be provided either from the stump itself.

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children do not react normally against irritation and infection, is in

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inflammations. The force of the heart being diminished, the

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if such an one can be found, and some of the remedies

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He is called to visit a patient, whom he finds perhaps sitting in a

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are chyluria and elephantiasis. Chyluria is the presence of

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This excellent advice of one of the masters commends it-

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per cent, died in the clinic from the immediate effects

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from myself in the New-York Thomsonian, dated Dec. 27th, 1847. And.

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come the parent of miserable offspring. While this unfortunate condition of

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districts the water is not of the best kind, neither is it very abund-

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corded a case, having some resemblance to this, of a child suffering

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women — particularly young women — fall more easily under the influence

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could be demonstrated. During September, the quantity of albumen contained in