great importance in the production of brain abscesses. Small veins pass,

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although many cases certainly occur that do not present such a

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the belladonna. If the cough is caused by irritation owing to the poison

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1657, which makes it probable that 1642 is the true

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that since the whole instruction in Physiology had now to bo got

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an elegant and pennanent solution. Whilst possessTng vastly increased

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and pulleys attached to fastenings about both hocks of animal at

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ease, how much less reliance is to be placed upon his recollec-

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this country. Remarks upon a paper by E. R. LeCount, before the National

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disease for three years, with marked enlargement of the thyroid

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anat. de Par., v. 47, 2. s., v. 17, mai, pp. 267-271. [W m .]

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its importance, but in the name under which he described it,

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nightclothes, etc. Even the water which has been used in bathing

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this trouble. Add to this that it builds up the bone and muscle, that

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have shown degenerative changes. This slender fiber with fre-

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at the torcular Herophili (opposite the internal occipital crest) to form the

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formally submitted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons for

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saline cathartic, kept light away from the eye, gave her a

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and excellent water supply. Tuberculins and vaccines administered in suitable cases. X-Ray Diagnosis.

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a diminution in the output of blood from it, this distension is

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operated, as in the previous case, by the lateral mode, with scalpel

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